Are you planning for your business trip, family holiday, or local staycation? Are you wondering about the better accommodation option between a hotel and a serviced apartment?

There are some factors to evaluate when looking for the best accommodation opportunity for your overseas holiday, local getaway, or work trip.

For example, you need to consider the location of the serviced apartment (sometimes known as a serviced suite) or hotel, how long you intend to stay, the facilities you require, and the number of family members or guests you will be staying with and their respective needs.

Many people are already familiar with the amenities commonly found in a hotel accommodation; however, they do not know what to expect from Livit serviced apartments. Below are some features you can expect to find in an ordinary serviced apartment. That way, you can plan better for your next overseas holiday or local trip.

Standard Features Found in Serviced Apartments and Hotels

First, let us highlight some similarities between hotels and serviced suites (serviced apartments).

Both types of accommodation offer the amenities you require for everyday living, such as housekeeping services, laundry services, television, towels, toiletries, snacks, and bedsheets. Other everyday facilities you are likely to find in hotels or serviced apartments include swimming pools, bars/ cafes/ bars, and restaurants.

Hotel rooms and serviced apartments are provided in varying luxury classes to take care of guests with different needs. For example, the room can be simple without frills, a luxurious hotel, or a serviced suite with all-inclusive works.

Serviced apartments and hotels will vary based on their area of location, the duration of stay, cost per night, regularity of housekeeping services, and the amenities and room services available for both types of accommodation.

In addition, the cost per room per night and guest may vary. In most cases, serviced apartments provide more excellent value compared to hotels.

You may use the following features when evaluating the suitability of a serviced apartment for your accommodation:

Size of the Room: Serviced Apartments Have more Spaces and Separate Bedrooms

Usually, serviced apartments offer more floor space compared to hotel rooms. They are the ideal accommodation for a higher group of guests, such as family or friends who want to stay together. In this case, the serviced apartment gives each family member independent and fully furnished space. In addition, the living room, dining space, and bedroom areas are separate, providing privacy and comfort for everyone in your family.

Many serviced suites have varying rooms in the same accommodation, which gives every guest the privacy they require. This setup can be helpful when two sets of couples or a couple and a single guest prefer to stay together. The extra rooms in the serviced apartment can also be helpful for families with individuals who want to continue working during the holiday, staycation, or getaway.

Home Appliances and Furniture: Serviced Apartments are Fully Equipped like Real Home

Generally, serviced apartments are made to function and serve you just like your home. Essentially, a serviced apartment is a form of living space with a wide selection of household appliances, furniture, and other home-based equipment such as beds, dining tables and chairs, dressers, a fully furnished kitchenette, work desks, and washing machines, and dryers, among others.

These amenities make it easy for the guests to stay and continue working in another location far from home but with similar functionality as their actual home.

Kitchen Appliances and Dining Amenities: Serviced Apartments Allow You to Cook Your Food

Do you like preparing your food even when on vacation or staycation? If yes, a serviced apartment or suite is the ideal accommodation for you and your loved ones.

Serviced apartments come with a fully furnished kitchenette with cooking appliances like pans, pots, electric and gas stoves, ovens, and dining utensils like spoons, cutleries, bowls, plates, and forks.