One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to lower your vehicle is with lowering springs. This is the first thing you should look into when adjusting how your vehicle handles. The majority of lowering springs can be installed as a standalone upgrade without having to do anything else.

With that said, they can be only one aspect of an upgrade. This single change can significantly improve handling.

Why lower your vehicle?

In our car handling blog, whenever you lower your vehicle, this will make the center of gravity on it lower as well. This will help reduce rolling whenever you make a corner. This will result in significantly less weight transfer to the outside tyres. This will result in better tyre grip, and they will connect significantly better with the road.

In the event that you need to change direction while driving very quickly such as making an S bend, the vehicle will need to settle back faster in between the changes.

Additionally, lowering your vehicle will also change how it looks for the better. Having arch gaps is not attractive. So, when you lower your car, this will greatly reduce your vehicle’s arch gaps. This will make your wheels appear much bigger than they actually are and your vehicle will look much more sporty with a better stance.

What about ride quality?

You may be wondering, how will lowering your vehicle impact your ride quality. This is a challenging question since it would change according to the type and model of the vehicle as well as the lowering product that was used.

The lowering springs that we have for sale are well-made for specific vehicle models, and they aren’t like the cheap eBay special springs you may find. Our springs are high quality, and this makes for excellent ride quality, which almost feels like standard suspension due to its high comfort levels.

You will notice that you have the best lowering springs installed, however, the vehicle won’t feel uncomfortable or unstable.

One particular lowering spring that feels just like your normal springs is Eibach’s Pro-Kit Lowering Springs.

These springs are a lot more sporty and a lot firmer than other types of springs. When you install stiffer springs, you will notice a difference in the ride. For example, it will have an impact on how the vehicle drives over rough roads, bumps on the road, etc.

Additionally, another factor that impacts ride quality is also your suspension. Every vehicle has rubber bushes and shock absorbers that will help protect you from rough road surfaces while driving. Once these parts of your vehicle are worn out and you install stiffer springs, you will notice the springs a lot more than if they were in good condition.

How low is it possible to go?

When it comes to springs, you do have limitations since the spring has to go with typical shock absorbers. If you choose to install mild lowering springs, you will get approximately 30mm of lowering. If you get a sportier spring, then you will get a lowering that is between 45mm and 60mm. This is dependent on the type of vehicle that you have. If you have a new car, then you will get less lowering. Be sure to check out the section on our website where you can input your car’s details in order to see how much lowering you’d likely be able to get.

Sports suspension

If you have a vehicle that has a sports suspension, such as a hot model like the AMG, GTi, etc., or if you have a sports suspension box, such as the M-Technic, S-Line, AMG-Line, etc., then chances are that these vehicles are already lowered.