It is extremely important to take care of your trees as they are essential for your home as well as the planet. Trees not only use carbon dioxide for photosynthesis but also reduce air pollution which is essential for a healthy environment.

We will now dive into our top 5 guidelines on how to better maintain and take care of your trees:

1. Water your trees during droughts as well as when they are young

In the lifecycle of trees, the most essential times that you should water them are during the early stages of their lives as well as when there is a drought.

After you’ve planted a tree, the first two seasons after doing so are essential for good tree care and overall health. In the event that the weather is quite dry, then it is advisable that you water each tree with approximately 5 watering cans per week. When doing so, make sure that the water penetrates the soil so that it can easily reach the root system.

Trees that are grown or properly established don’t need much watering unless there is a long drought that is negatively affecting them.

2. Mulching

Mulching is very beneficial for trees and it is best to use mulch such as rotted manure, old wood chips, bark, or even leaf mould. These types of biodegradable mulches help to:

  • Slowly fertilise the tree since they are slow-release fertilisers
  • Prevent weeds from growing around the tree so it doesn’t have to compete to get nutrients and water
  • Helps water to be retained by the soil since it reduces water evaporation

All you need to do is place the mulch around the base of the tree in a circular manner and ensure it is approximately 4 inches deep. It should look like a donut around your tree where there is a hole in the middle where the trunk is located. Ensure that the mulch doesn’t touch the trunk.

3. Frequent weeding

You should keep in mind that in your garden, all the plants there are competing for water, nutrients and light. This also includes weeds and other plants that you may have not purposefully planted. So, ensure that you weed frequently to prevent any other plants from growing within a 3-foot diameter of each of your trees. Identify the health and viability of valuable, ornamental or damaged trees by doing a tree survey. This survey is useful for veteran trees and the evaluation of woodlands and forest plantations.

During the spring months, most weeds experience a significant growth spurt. Therefore, make sure that you take the time to get rid of them. Using a hoe or even hand weeding them is quite relaxing and therapeutic and will go a long way in protecting your trees and helping them to survive.

4. Young trees should be protected

Once you’ve planted a new tree, you need to start protecting it. Some of the things it would need protection from include:

  • Lawn equipment: There are lots of lawn equipment such as strimmers and lawn mowers that could easily damage your trees. They can cause damage to the tree trunk, reduce water uptake and even allow various pests easier access to your trees.
  • Damage from chemicals: If various pesticides or herbicides are being used in your garden, you should keep in mind that these can easily damage young trees that are now growing.
  • Damage from the wind: When young trees are exposed to high winds, these can easily cause them to bend or even break.

5. Pruning

Pruning is essential for good tree health, however, it can also be a hazard. Pruning helps to get rid of dead branches and it improves the overall health of the trunk, fruit and flowers. The 3 types of pruning jobs are as follows:

  • Crown thin: This helps to lower wind resistance and the weight of the tree. It involves removing any thin exterior branches and enables the tree to get more light.
  • Crown reduction: This helps the tree to fit in better with the other trees and plants in your garden by trimming the top part of the crown. It reduces tree height and also helps more sunlight to pass through the tree while reducing overall weight.
  • Crown raising: This involves getting rid of the branches that are lower so you have better access to the tree. It also improves sunlight penetration.

If you need further explanation, a tree surgeon can provide the best advice.

Taking good care of your trees will certainly help your trees and make your garden a beautiful and healthy space for you to enjoy.