When the cold season hits, most homeowners have a habit of halting home improvement projects until the snow is gone. After all, it is hard to deny that the extreme cold, longer nights, and darker days can be highly demotivating. However, if you think about it, winter is actually the best time to show your interior some love. Given you will be spending more time indoors, would it be wiser to put this time to better use?

The kitchen is one of those rooms that you should pay attention to when it comes to home improvements during winter. For starters, you will be spending more time in the kitchen, preparing meals for your friends and loved ones during the festive season. In addition, it is best to take precautions and protect this imperative space in your home from extreme conditions.

Whether this means simply applying a fresh coat of paint, upgrading your kitchen cabinets, or installing a dekton aura worktop, it all comes down to your needs, preferences, and budget. However, you can be certain that making a few seasonal adjustments today will make your kitchen far more enjoyable during the cold months.

So, how do you conduct a kitchen makeover to reflect winter? Here are some handy tips from the experts.

Perhaps the easiest and pocket-friendly way to lend your kitchen the season spirit is to add simple but practical decorative touches. Autumn and winter are seasons where it’s all about treating your senses to textures, smells, and sights that add warmth to everyone in the household.

Decorative baskets and bowls with nuts and pine cones, for example, can lend the feeling of the outdoors to the kitchen. Stacked fruit bowls can also have the same effect, with natural air fresheners and candles infused with spice fragrances falling into the same category.

The intoxicating aroma of herbs like rosemary and thyme can also have a substantial effect during the cold season. If you have a dining table in the kitchen, a good idea is to pick up a set of autumnal placemats or a seasonal runner. There are numerous options to enhance your kitchen without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for a kitchen that will always be cozy during winter, go for kitchen units with warmer colours such as red gloss and dark blue. The appeal of some of these shades is that they not only make the space feel cozy during winter but still look great during summer.

What is the Best Kitchen Lighting For Winter?

Most homeowners tend to compensate for the dark winter with extremely bright white lights. However, this isn’t a good idea as it creates a stark and undesirable contrast that’s never easy on the eyes. While you cannot beat the benefits of natural light, it is advisable to go for something soft and subtle. This is to avoid harsh contrasts and to a point that it does not leave the kitchen space feeling dark and dull.

You can experiment with various types of bulbs and even consider installing task lighting and seeking to recreate the soft glow that comes with natural light. In addition, take into consideration how to implement soft lighting in a way that highlights certain areas in the kitchen. This could be under unit spotlights to light up the space from below or warm downlighters under the kitchen units.

Check how lighting affects your kitchen design to determine how to best improve the ambience of the space during winter.

Time to add a fresh coat of paint. One of the best ways to completely give your kitchen a new look and feel is by adding a splash of colour.