Most people that have gone to school have learned about the country of Egypt. The history of this country dates back over seven millennia, replete with cultural wonders, beautiful landscapes, magical myths, incredible food, and one of the remaining seven wonders of the world that has inspired people enough to add it to their proverbial bucket list. “Egypt is a place that everyone should visit at least once,” said traveler Rebecca.

Traveling to Egypt in the winter is the recommendation of most people who have traveled there simply because it is much cooler at this time. However, it is also peak season tourism is at its maximum. For that reason, here are the top five reasons that visiting Egypt in autumn is likely the best decision to make.

A lack of sweltering heat

Reaching temperatures of well over 120°F during the summer, and averaging just over 100°, Egypt is very hot during the summer. It is for this reason that tourism tends to be much higher during the winter. However, traveling during the winter is not the only time you should go if you want to avoid these incredibly hot temperatures. With the approach of fall, summer temperatures begin to diminish, leading to a much more comfortable climate in this country.

So what would happen if you traveled to Egypt during September? During this time, temperatures will be just under 70°F, and will likely be just over 90° in cities like Cairo that received very little rain yet plenty of sun. If you decide to travel during November, or as early as October, you may experience temperatures as low as 50° by the end of November if that is when you go to this beautiful and iconic destination.

With cooler temperatures, exploring the beautiful city of Cairo will be much more applicable, along with going to the pyramids, experiencing the desert, or even visiting ancient tombs which are located all throughout this country.

You will discover the heritage of Egypt’s pristine Red Sea, and surround yourself with the luxury touches of the International Hospitality of Sharm El Sheikh.

It’s not very cold

In Egypt, temperatures can also become very cold, sometimes reaching temperatures below freezing. If you were to visit Abu Simbel, the West Bank, the Red Sea, or even the beautiful city of Luxor, traveling during the fall is the best time to experience these locations. And also remember: if the weather is mild, you will not have to pack as much clothing when you go to Egypt during the autumn months.

Smaller crowds

You can literally do anything that you want during the fall simply because there are fewer people there.

For individuals that prefer avoiding crowded locations, arriving in Egypt during the fall will lead to far fewer tourists. You can also avoid the crowds of people that will be arriving in December, yet you also avoid the summer heat. (This is a win-win scenario in that there will be a lack of crowds and mild temperatures.)

Taking your time as you go through Egypt will be possible because of the diminished number of tourists. Visiting the pyramids of Giza, you may find yourself virtually isolated. You also have the opportunity to get better pictures. For some, turning in all directions, they will only photograph the landscape around them, and even the pyramids, without having to worry about someone ruining their photo. Overall, you should consider going on one of the Go Ahead tourists as recommended by a traveler named Ralph.

You can save money

Traveling during the off-season, to any location worldwide, means that you will pay less money when traveling which is what you will experience in the fall when you go to Egypt. All of the tours will be open, along with all of the businesses, allowing you to save money and you whatever you want.