Do you have dogs as pets but never get time to take them for a walk due to your busy schedule? Are you looking for the best dog walker to take your lovely pets for walks? Well, here is how to find the best dog walker in 4 tips.

4 Tips for Hiring the Best Dog Walker

If you are looking to hire a dog walker, here are the best tips to help out.

1. Make Sure They Have a Legitimate Professional Business

Hire a dog walker who is insured, bonded and has the right licenses/permits to offer dog walking services. Ask them to show you hard copies of their documents for proof. Note that, depending on where you live, there may be a limit on the number of dogs your walker can have under their control (such as 6) and how many are allowed to stay off-leash.

You can start by looking for a dog walker from a dog walking franchise being offered by Animals at Home Franchise. However, you need to stay away from suspicious ads, especially if they say they are a student looking to make some extra cash. Make sure you hire a professional who is very committed and dedicated to what they do.

2. Always Ask Questions

When you hire a dog walker, take time to meet the dog walker in person and not the owner of the company. You need to confirm that this will be the same person coming in and out of your home every day. Other questions you may ask a potential dog walker include the following.

  • Where do you plan to walk my dog? What time will you be offering services? Will you be walking my dog at the same time every day?
  • How many dogs are you currently taking care of? Do you have the same dogs every week?
  • How do you handle any injuries to dogs while in your care? Do you have an emergency vet? Do you know pet first aid?
  • Will there be a post-walk report to let me know if there is anything unusual such as altercations, loose stool, ingestion of foreign objects, or changes in appetite?
  • Did you ever lose a dog that was in your care? Has a dog ever been injured while in your care? What steps did you take?
  • What are your references? Have you been trained by any vets or dog trainers who can recommend you?
  • What steps will you take when dropping off my dog? Will you clean and wipe their muddy paws?

3. Answer Questions from Your Potential Dog Walker

Professional dog walkers will want to know everything about your lovely pet such as their behaviour triggers, vaccinations, training, physical restrictions and allergies. Additionally, they want to know how your dog behaves around other dogs.

The best dog walkers will not take your word for the last one and may bring another dog as an example to the meetings to help you understand the best behaviour. If the potential dog walker doesn’t ask questions or ask for proof of vaccinations, they may not be a professional.

4. Stay in Touch

Once you have decided on a potential dog walker, you need to stay in touch with them. You can start with a 2-week probationary period where you will look out for any funny things about your dog’s behaviour. For instance, is your dog happy or excited and how does the walker handle this behaviour?

Additionally, you may choose to join your dog walker on the lovely walks to see how your lovely pet adapts. Remember, it’s for your peace of mind and for your dog’s overall safety. Since a professional dog walker will not have anything to hide, they won’t mind if you come along.