The longer you wait to start planning your Christmas party, the less likely your vision will turn out the way you wanted it. We live in a competitive world: London has plenty of great venues, but it also has plenty of businesses and companies that want to hire these great venues for their corporate Christmas party. So, what do we recommend? Start booking now!

You Get Your Pick of the Bunch!

By starting your Christmas party planning early, you get to choose from the best venues that London has to offer. Begin with a shortlist of venues you prefer and think would suit your vision, and then you can plan to visit each and every location to confirm if they have everything you need for the party. From the facilities it has to offer to the actual space itself, these venues need to offer you the perfect location to host your Christmas party. You might be thinking about throwing a New Year’s Eve party also. But do you know what kind of theme would work best? To ensure everything is a success, you need to get everything right from the entertainment, technology, venue, and location.

The Perfect Date

Once you have settled on a suitable venue, you’ll be more likely to get the date you want for your Christmas party. Many people prefer hosting their parties in mid-December, with Fridays and Thursdays being really popular. But there’s a catch. These dates are usually booked many weeks in advance, so the earlier you start planning the better.

Also, confirming a date early gives you room to start working on other aspects of your Christmas party. It’s easier to book and plan all the smaller details once you have a fixed date in mind. Remember, the decor, entertainment, caterers – you name it, will all need to be booked in advance. When you follow this tip, you will be done with your Christmas party planning in no time.

Save the Dates

Of course, you cannot forget to plan for the guests who are the main centerpiece of your party. December is usually a busy month for everybody, especially when it comes to work and social activities. So, what’s the point of getting the perfect date if most of your guests already have prior engagements planned? By sorting the issue of the ‘perfect date’ as early as possible, you can get all your guests to save those dates and avoid committing themselves to other plans. This way, you’ll ensure everybody is there to grace your magnificent occasion and marvel at your amazing event-organizing skills.

Build a Relationship with the Event Manager

The more time you have before the day of your Christmas party, the more time you have to establish and build a relationship with the venue manager. If you can, take some time to know them and how they work. A venue manager can help you come with up a unique concept for your Christmas party that will leave everyone impressed.

Potential Discounts and Offers

Like most of us, venue managers like a bit of organization and planning in their work. By starting your Christmas party planning early, you are more likely to be rewarded with some special incentives, discounts, and offers. This applies to the entertainment and catering crew as well.

Also, who doesn’t love saving a little bit of money? Last-minute bookings may be cheaper in some cases, but this is not an occasion you want to gamble with. Last-minute bookings are definitely not for the perfectionists, time-restricted, or easily stressed people out there.

Boost Morale

Finally, that diary invitation to your corporate Christmas party will go a long way in boosting morale among your workmates and colleagues. Christmas parties offer an excellent opportunity to appreciate everybody’s hard work for the year. They give staff a chance to let their hair down and enjoy some fun time outside the office.


It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas party. We’ve even come across some smart people who start planning their next Christmas party immediately after the current year’s event has ended – and there’s absolutely no harm in doing that!