If the signal of your mobile phone is weak, how does that affect your business? In this day and age, people are expected to be always connected. In your place of employment, clients and staff expect to have a consistent signal for their mobile devices. If this is not so, it can result in frustration. If customers don’t have a good experience because their mobile signals keep dropping, they may take their business elsewhere.

Behaviour of the Digital World

We Are Social collaborated with Hootsuite in 2018 on a worldwide study on the online behaviour of people around the globe. One discovery was that Belgians, they have an “always on” mentality. Here are some details from the study.

There are more than 11 million Belgians. In 2018, over 89% of them used some form of application that required the Internet, including Google, social media, and others. 77% of Belgians own a phone. That leaves the rest of the population without their own phone or who might share phones with another person.

What are the Implications of this Study for Business?

On average, Belgians spend five hours using the Internet on their devices. 1.5 hours are spent on social media. Based on these numbers, that means a typical Belgian spend about one-third of their day connected to the Internet for various purposes.

If the user has any problems with their Internet connection, and the poor connection prevented them from getting what they needed from the web, this will cause a lot of frustration. The malfunction will result in the customer resenting the business involved because it is not always on and it did not deliver what they expected to get.

A Stable Signal in a Company is Essential

This is very straightforward – when people are in a business building, they should be able to reach anyone via a mobile device from anywhere in the building. However, this is seldom perfect. People are accustomed to walking toward a window to make a call on their phones in order to get a stronger signal. This is inconvenient, and it affects productivity. Ideally, phone signals should be strong everywhere because this can benefit your business significantly. Here are some examples:

  • Rather than leave their office space, staff can remain at their desks to make their phone calls without worrying about the call disconnecting. This prevents interruption of the staff’s workflow and can improve work efficiency. They can have access to their work files on their computer while talking with a colleague. A strong mobile signal using Amplifi-Qx solutions can make that possible.
  • There will be fewer calls that are interrupted or disconnected. Staff no longer has to avoid picking up an important phone call because they fear the phone signal at their location is too weak.
  • A strong mobile phone signal will guarantee that every phone call will come across with excellent clarity and volume, just like in the old days of using landline telephones. People can finally have a conversation that comes through with richness in tone, clarity, and life. One of the main complaints that customers often have about customer service is that they could not hear clearly what the service agent was telling them. A strong phone signal will reduce frustration and instances where the message was misheard or misunderstood. Clients’ experience with customer service will improve immensely.
  • Mobile devices that struggle to establish a good connection expend battery power in the effort. The device emits more radiation in the effort. When the signal is strong, the phone would not have to work as hard. Battery life is conserved, and device radiation is kept to a minimum.
  • A strong GSM signal improves the safety of a building because in an emergency, contacting authorities and emergency services will be easier, faster, and more reliable.