Different aspects of your exercises or workout regimen focus on different strengths. Each strength is essential in your performance levels. We shall review five strength training routines and how you can implement them.

Agile Strength

In most team-sport games, players run in different directions, trying to score against their opponents. It is a demanding activity that requires strength and agility. Celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese calls it “Agile Strength,” where a player can move and change directions fast, with power and precision, while retaining deceleration and acceleration control when responding to the environment and challenger. Hence, agile strength is essential in keeping a player safe. It also helps minimize the risk of injuries by allowing the person to respond quickly and precisely.

How to Work on It

Calabrese suggests that you exercise more, focusing on workouts that entail rapid motion, moving from side to side or back and forth. Such exercises include shuttle runs, skaters, and shuffles.

Endurance Strength

Endurance strength focuses on the muscle’s capacity to move light loads for extended periods. CPT Kim Schaper says you can gauge your endurance strengths by counting the pushups or squats you can do under one minute. It is about how many reps you can squeeze into that short time; the more, the better your endurance.

Such a workout regimen aims at increasing the time between when you start and when fatigue sets in without breaking form. Schaper recommends exercising without breaking form because it is essential in taking your fitness to the next level.

How to Work on It

You can build your endurance by focusing on high-rep/low-weight exercises during your strength training. The workouts must involve light weights, or you can use your body weight or mix the two. The goal of incorporating these routines into your workout sessions is to increase your strength and build stamina. Hence, you can exercise for longer periods without getting fatigued too quickly. Calabrese also points out that they are exercises you can do anywhere, especially if you focus on using your body weight.

Explosive Strength

“Explosive” is the ability to exert maximum force for a short period instantaneously. Autumn Calabrese says explosive strength is associated with velocity and force, like when a powerlifter dynamically lifts a hefty barbell or a sprinter explodes from the starting blocks for max propulsion.

How to Work on It

Athlete trainers consider box jump exercises among the effective training for building explosive strength. According to Calabrese, you can start with burpees and tuck jumps and then progress once you tackle the moves and feel you need something more challenging. However, progressing will take time since such training builds your agile strength while working on your explosive strength.

Maximum Strength

The most weight you can lift or push is your maximum strength. It is a workout/training that focuses on upper-body strength when doing bench presses or low-body strength when doing deadlifts.

How to Work on It

Autumn Calabrese says maximum strength building is not essential for the average person seeking to improve their fitness and overall health. Nonetheless, Calabrese recommends using heavy weights (which you can manage safely) and doing a few reps (1 to 4 will be ideal) to build maximum strength.

Speed Strength

Speed strength is how fast you can move and you can have it with proper training for power. Most athletes strive to be fast, which is evident in games like racing or team sports, where players want speed to give them an upper hand. Schaper adds that building your speed strength can improve your reaction time, like throwing or passing a ball to dash in the opposite direction for a return pass.