Reflecting on your life

You can have a lot of fun enjoying life even if you don’t consume drugs, waste your money at the casino, or watch TV shows all day. Human beings have been wired to feel good. But the mass media and societal norms are encouraging people to use unhealthy ways to feel pleasure.

Social engineering has forced people to believe that material items, drugs, sexual relationships, and technological gadgets are the best ways of seeking pleasure.

With time, the brain receptors start to build a tolerance to drugs or alcohol because they usually get overwhelmed. When this happens, there are reduced dopamine levels.

Addicts are forced to consume more substances, spend a lot more money, or increase the number of sexual partners so they can get the same amount of dopamine released. The brain is going to associate the activities or substances with pleasure making it harder for someone to quit.

If you want to deal with addiction, it is important to sit down and spend some time reflecting on your life. Try to figure out when or when you started indulging in these behaviours or using the substances. It is common for people to use stimulants to cover the emptiness they feel.

There are those who feel stuck in life or unhappy. Keep in mind that the exterior is a reflection of who you are. You have to change the inner world before changing the outer world.

Everything else is going to fall into place if you fix yourself. When you reflect on your life, you can find out and understand how you got addicted and what you can do. If you need help with alcohol addiction, look into alcohol counselling.

Harnessing your creativity

Do you like dancing, playing music, acting, or drawing? Such art forms are good for recovering addicts because they have something they can do and do not have any side effects like they would on destructive behaviours or substances. Humans seek pleasure unconsciously or consciously. Addicts will always try to experience pleasure as much as possible.

When you start to reconnect with creativity, you will realize that everything around you try to suck out some energy from you. When you harness creativity, your life becomes fun and easier. You have probably heard about musicians or artists who cannot imagine a world where these art forms don’t exist because it provides them with an escape.

You shouldn’t be indulging in or consuming something that is going to do more harm both in the short and long term. You should try figuring out things you love doing and then use them as your source of pleasure. You will start loving your life.

Being accountable to someone

When people in the professional world want to boost their productivity by stopping procrastination, they use accountability partners. The partners are important because they accelerate their rate of recovery and keep them sober.

You should have an accountability partner who is going to help with your addiction. Make an effort of communicating with them at least once or twice a week. You are going to share your emotions, thoughts, and progress with them.

Before smoking a cigarette, going to a bar, or gambling your money, you will remember that you are accountable for your action. It is a good idea to choose someone that you respect and who you are willing to tell the truth.

Exercising regularly

Studies have shown that exercising improves health and reduces the risk of developing terminal diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. It will make you feel better about yourself and give you energy during the day and better sleep at night.

Work out regularly if you want to beat your addiction. Recovering addicts see a drop in stress and worries when they exercise. It will help other aspects of your life like social skills. Some have reported that they feel more fulfilled in their lives because of physical exercise.