Volunteering somewhere local

No matter where you are, there are many unique volunteer opportunities that you cannot find in any other place. There are some services like VolunteerMatch that you can use in discovering some ways to give back in your area. You will find out the different causes to support.

Once you have decided on how you are going to help out, you can give employees some extra time off so they can take part in volunteering. You can also have a couple of hours set aside when everyone heads out of the office. These efforts are going to be worth it and the employees are going to bond in the process.

Assembling Care Packages

Assembling care packages for needy families or individuals is a good way of making a difference. If you want to do that, then make sure you partner with another organization that is going to give you instructions on what needs to be purchased for the car packages and what to do with the donations once you have them ready.

There are a lot of options when it comes to assembling packages. There are those who focus on putting school supplies inside backpacks so as to support families that can’t afford them. There are also those who decide to focus on the military where they send them hygiene kits that have comfort items. The kits are sent out to troops that are serving abroad.

Organizing a Public Space Cleanup

For those who are passionate when it comes to the environment, cleaning a public space can be a great option. This is where you gather as a group and then meet at a nearby forest, park, beach, or road to remove trash and litter on the ground. This is a good way of reducing pollution, enhancing a sense of community, and helping the neighborhood feel safer and more welcoming on community action day.

You have two main options. The first is organizing your own private event and doing the cleanup. The other is joining the neighborhood cleanup team that is already in operation. If you would like to make the process more fun for your employees, you can have rewards or cash rewards for the person who collects the most garbage.

Hosting a unique workplace fundraiser

You most likely know about workplace fundraisers. In the past, this used to be about organizing something like a silent auction, a 50/50 raffle, or a dinner fundraising event.

You can go the extra mile by doing something more creative and unique. You can organize a baking competition where your employees try baking and then voting which ones are the best. It can be something like a pub quiz and teams raise money to take part in the pursuit of a trophy on who is the brainiest. It can also be a poker night where people have to pay the buy-in and the money goes into the fundraiser.

Planning a Charity Team Building Activity

One of the most popular types of team-building methods for people across the country is charity team-building activities. Employees like such events because they achieve three things in the process. It is fun to take part, they help in building better working relationships between employees, and also giving back the society in a meaningful way.

Sharing Your Expertise

There are a lot of unique tools in your team that other people can benefit from a lot. Whether you have expertise in marketing, sales, customer service, technology, or somewhere else entirely – you can offer free classes to those interested in these skills. You will have a chance of imparting these skills to someone else. This is a great way for your team to share their knowledge. It is also a good way for them to improve their public speaking skills.