When it comes to your office, your office chair is one of the things that certainly takes a beating. Not only does it get heavy and frequent use, but you’re likely constantly getting in and out of it throughout the day. This can lead to the chair getting worn down and dirty. If your office chair has been stained, you’re in luck. Here are some of the best ways to treat your stained office chair to restore it to a better condition.

Throughout this article, you will learn some of the most effective ways to clean up your office chair yourself. You will also get specialised advice based on what material your chair is made out of.

How To Clean Your Office Chair – Fabric and Fibre

This is easily the most popular kind of material. The majority of office chairs are made out of woven fabric. Not only is woven fabric comfortable, but they are also the least expensive. Because of this, they are the most widely used. However, they do get dirty very easily. After all, they are much more porous than some of the other materials to choose from. This can make them very susceptible to showing dirt and grime over time. This is especially true if you are constantly eating at your desk. Here are some of the best steps you can take to clean off your fibre or fabric chair.

Vacuum the seat

First things first, you want to get it a good vacuum. This can remove all of the smaller and looser debris.

Spray the chair with cleaner

The next thing you want to do is to spray the fabric or fibre with an upholstery cleaner solution. You want to specifically pay attention to any areas on the chair that are stained. Leave the solution in the fabric for at least 10 minutes (or per the instructions).

Use the vacuum again

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to go ahead and vacuum the chair again. This way, it can suck out all of the dirt that the cleaning solution loosened.

How To Clean Your Office Chair – Leather

If you are someone that works in an office that regularly entertains clients, you are going to want to have high-quality chairs. Because of this, you may have leather chairs in your office. They are much more expensive than fabric chairs. However, they are also higher quality and longer lasting too. That being said, they do require maintenance to keep them looking good. Most of the maintenance involves cleaning them regularly.

To clean your leather office chair, you will want to:

  • Vacuum the chair regularly. Try to focus on the creases of the chair. That’s generally where a lot of the crumbs and dirt will get trapped.
  • Wipe it down with leather wipes. You can either use leather-specific cleaning solutions or you can use a damp cloth. Ensure it’s not too wet though. Get it a good rub down. You also want to be careful that the cloth doesn’t have any grit or sharper material on it that can scratch the leather.
  • Use soap

    Having an expert professional office carpet cleaning service is of great importance. A professional uses technology that can help transform any dull-looking floor to bring it back to near original, ensuring your commercial areas make a lasting impression.

    If your leather has some deep stains, you could consider using soap when cleaning.

    Leather conditioner should be used

    If you are looking to maintain your leather, it’s best to use leather conditioner. This is a good way to protect your leather and to keep it looking good for longer. This can help to protect your leather from future spills.

    How To Clean Your Office Chair – Mesh

    A mesh office chair is typically one of the most aesthetically pleasing styles. They are cheaper than leather but more formal and stylish than fabric. Also, because they are made out of mesh, they can be a lot more comfortable than fabric and leather due to the breathability of the fabric. This also keeps them from becoming bacteria-ridden. Here are some of the best tips for cleaning your mesh office chairs.

    Use a vacuum

    This is the first step for cleaning any office chair. You want to get rid of all of the loose particles and debris.

    Use a cloth with soap

    You can use a soft cloth with soap on it. Give it a rubdown. Because it’s mesh material, you don’t have to worry about scratching it.

    Cotton buds

    If you have grime that has built up within the smaller holes found within the mesh material, you can always use cotton buds to push it out. From there, you can continue to scrub it down with soapy water.

    Place a bowl underneath the chair

    You’ll want to place a bowl underneath the chair to gather all of the excess water that drips down after the mesh chair is cleaned. This can keep the water from damaging your floors. You’ll want to give the chair some time to dry before using it again.