If you are responsible for the security of a military base, government building, or data centres, heightened security measures must be used to protect this critical source of infrastructure. In each case, the most effective form of protection that can be implemented is to install a security fence. This can prevent external threats from getting into the complex, yet not all types of security fences are made from the same materials.

If you have multiple high-risk targets at your facility, it’s important to use a fence that is difficult to scale, will be durable, and should be resistant to any type of environmental influence that could degrade the fence over time. If these security fences are for the protection of property in the UK, or for the people at a facility, you need to select the best security fencing UK that will provide ample protection from intruders.

To understand which type of fence would be best suited for the security of a building with critical infrastructure, or even government property, let’s look at the pros and cons of using certain types of fencing materials.

Benefits and Drawbacks Related to Chain Link Fences

Many security fences that are installed today will use chain links, and it is often the very first type of fence that comes to mind. It may not be the best fit for locations that demand high security. There are certain characteristics of this type of fence that need to be discussed.

When using chain link fences, will be constructed using galvanized steel with a coating of vinyl that will improve its appearance and also contribute to more protection. These fences are designed to be completely weather resistant, plus they can resist damage from moisture, heat, and cold. Chain link fences are a low-cost solution that does not require much maintenance making them an ideal solution for many businesses.

It should be noted that chain links may not be the best material for high-security locations, particularly if you’re trying to prevent someone from breaking into a facility, climbing over the fence, limiting visibility of the complex, or protecting people inside from projectiles and ballistics. Welded wire mesh may be a much better solution because of its enhanced ways of providing ample protection.

Welded Wire Mesh Fences

Choosing a security fence that utilizes welded wire mesh can prevent people from cutting the fence to enter into a facility plus they are often designed to prevent people from climbing over. There are a few options in the design of these fences including horizontal and vertical mesh alignments, many of which can be incorporated into existing chain link fences to provide additional security.

High-security facilities can benefit from welded wire mesh fences, as well as louvered panels that may include expanded metal as a means of decreasing the likelihood of forced entry. These unique characteristics of this type of fence make it a top choice for businesses that would prefer having welded wire mesh as part of their security fencing system which would include businesses such as:

  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Utility substations
  • Chemical plants
  • Stadiums
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Military installations
  • Embassies

Why You Should Use Concrete Security Fencing

One of the most impenetrable forms of fencing includes precast concrete walls that offer a very high level of defense for businesses. The use of precast concrete fencing makes it difficult for intruders to scale the fence, plus it is also capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds and will be resistant to bullet penetration. Using security fences made from solid concrete has become more popular in recent times, providing critical infrastructure for vulnerable areas like electrical substations.

There is also the advantage of blocking sound from the surrounding area, a benefit that is possible because of the strong construction and engineering of these retaining walls which will not be affected by lateral earth pressure. When installing these, you must first set up a foundation that involves drilling and the use of concrete posts, and subsequently, premade panels that will go in between them.

High-security Features for Reinforced Protection

If you are deciding on the best security fencing material, this information should provide you with enough data to make a proper choice in order to protect facilities that provide critical infrastructure or where government facilities are located.