The property market is one of the worst-hit industries today, with very few properties sold in the UK over the last few years. This is because many people are a little apprehensive about buying a home, especially with their income stretched to the limit, among other reasons.

Against all odds, Chelmsford has recorded more property sales at slightly over 2,000 units over the last year alone. Although this is 6% lower than the previous year, it still is a record 3% higher than other areas in the UK. It is thus safe to say you can still find a good buyer for your property.

Brexit, in particular, had a significant impact on property sales, with many stalled transactions recorded. This is one of the reasons you’ll come across dozens, if not thousands, of empty properties for sale. Selling a vacant property can be more challenging, a reason you’d need to be creative and persistent to find a buyer. With proper planning and real estate videography, however, you should be able to sell the house in no time. Below are a few tips to help you sell your empty property quickly.

Work on its Kerb Appeal

With the property empty, the first thing to do is to make its exterior attractive and inviting. Consider taking on a few renovations and upgrades to make the house more appealing to prospective buyers. This may include adding a fresh lick of paint, tending to the garden outside (if any), and ensuring the driveway is in the best possible condition. Consider planting flowers in the garden as well. Consider cleaning the roof and ensuring the gutters are in proper working condition too.

Keep it Clean

An empty house is easier to clean than an occupied one. With no heavy furniture to move around, it would be advisable to clean every inch of the property, including the ceiling and attic. You’ll not only have to get rid of dirt and dust from the surfaces but also remove cobwebs and pests from the same.

Cockroaches, ants, or rodents are the very last thing you want to creep out when a prospective buyer is around. Anything that might conceal dirt, including empty wine bottles in a corner, worn down carpets, and even rugs on walls, should be taken care of.

Be sure to clean the walls, flooring, cabinets, sinks, and shelves for improved curb appeal. Consider hiring a professional cleaner for the best results.

Clean the Windows

Dirty windows can make a property unattractive regardless of its condition. It is even worse with no curtains or blinds to distract one from streaks of dirt. It is thus time to take a good look at the windows and have the cleaned thoroughly until sparkling. You could choose to clean the windows yourself or

Don’t Neglect the House

It is common for property owners to leave the property unattended for months or even weeks until they have a prospective buyer. This isn’t, however, recommended as the house will soon collect dust and grime, especially with no one to wipe down surfaces. The property’s exterior and interior require constant attention and cleaning to keep them gleaming all the time. Visiting the property regularly also allows you to take care of musty or damp air once in a while.

Opening the windows to let fresh air in once a week might be enough too. This is the first thing a prospective buyer will notice upon walking through the entrance door. It also gives you a good chance to correct imperfections and keep the garden in tip-top shape.