The spotlight has been off the south west side of the city of London in the past. This tiny corner of the city has consistently kept to itself, even as emerging hipster centres like Peckham and Shoreditch came into the limelight nationally.

In the last few years, as South West London has gone up through the ranks and turned into one of the most in-demand areas for people looking to purchase a home in the city, this has all seemed to change. Home buyers who cannot afford homes in the traditionally trendier parts of the city have started to uncover the appeal of this area.

Continue reading to find out some of the best areas to live in South West London, if you are considering moving to this part of the city.


In recent times, Wimbledon has turned into a chic and thriving neighbourhood, shedding its previous image of a sleepy commuter town only famed for its tennis tournament. This is mainly thanks to the increased availability of green spaces and improved transport connections. While overpriced, the central parts of Wimbledon are littered with marketplaces and cosy eateries. Fortunately, you can enjoy lower prices and get all the smoothie bars and green spaces you could ever want by heading to Merton, which is slightly farther south. Check out properties in Wimbledon Village if you’re interested in living in this area.


With the area’s royal park being one of the most expansive and most varied biologically in the entire nation, Richmond is definitely a great place to move your family. The area is littered with huge manors from various eras, including the Victorian, Georgian and Tudor eras, as it has been home to numerous wealthy generations in the past. In order to get yourself a 2-up, 2-down home, you will need to cough up a generous amount, given that the average home price here is around one million pounds – and budget options are very hard to come by.


Finding anything wrong with Clapham can be quite difficult. As one of the most vibrant in London, if not the entire world, Clapham is centred on the sprawling Clapham Common – with a tube stop at both ends. Considered to be the best spot for party lovers, Clapham has a vibrant nightlife, with clubs and bars all over the place. The area is also home to a number of casinos outside central London, making the nightlife even more interesting. You can work on your slot game online, before heading over to the Admiral, one of the most popular casinos in the area. Simply put, life doesn’t get more interesting than Clapham.


Synonymous with punk music videos and industrial decline, Battersea was at one point dwindling. However, the area is now among the trendiest areas in the city, thanks to the recent Battersea Power Station renovation – which will house the biggest co-working space in the world, as well as hundreds of flats. You have a chance of grabbing a real bargain – by London standards at least – even if the prices are not low, thanks to the huge supply of housing that has resulted in a glut.

Much of South West London has retained its character and charm, even as the gentrification of the city continues at speed. As more people continue to move here, we can only hope that this area continues to retain its identity.